Benefits of TiSA

Services are the fastest growing sector of the global economy and account for two-thirds of global output, one-third of global employment and nearly twenty percent of global trade. The TiSA provides an opportunity to expand services trade among over fifty countries, covering nearly seventy percent of global trade in services. The potential expansion TiSA provides will benefit not only global growth, but also U.S. domestic growth. Every $1 billion in U.S. services exports supports an estimated 4,000 jobs. As the world’s largest services exporter, with over $1.3 trillion in annual cross-border and foreign-affiliate sales, the United States will benefit tremendously from elimination of services barriers.

Here's why the coalition members are in favor of TiSA:

“When it comes to trade, you can’t make it, move it, buy it or sell it without services. Services are a clear strength for the United States, which is by far the world's largest exporter of services. TiSA presents an opportunity to expand access to foreign markets for U.S. service industries while prohibiting discrimination against American service providers, including those competing with state-owned or state-supported players.”

Leslie Griffin


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