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July 1, 2015: "The Global Economy Needs More Trade in Services" The Wall Street Journal

John Calverley explains how trade in services benefits the global economy and how trade agreements currently under negotiation will help expand services trade.

June 23, 2015: "Senate hands a victory to Obama on Trade Pact" The New York Times

Jonathan Weisman of the New York Times describes the success of the motion to end debate on TPA in the Senate, expressing little doubt that the bill will reach the President's desk by Wednesday evening.

June 18, 2015: "House Revives Obama Trade Effort" Politico

Jake Sherman and Manu Raju of Politico discuss the narrow victory of TPA in the House and the future of the bill.

June 15, 2015: "Trade Promotion Authority and the TiSA's Immigration 'Smoking Gun'CATO Institute

Scott Lincicome of the CATO Institute on why the recent WikiLeaks revelation of a draft of the TiSA shouldn't worry trade skeptics.

June 3, 2015: "U.S. international trade gap at $40.90 billion in April as opposed to $44.0 billion expectedCNBC

"The U.S. trade defecit narrowed in April as exports of services hit a record high and imports fell."

June 25, 2014: "U.S. services sector expands at fastest pace in four-and-a-half years" Reuters

The U.S. services sector expanded in June at the fastest pace in at least 4-1/2 years, pushed higher by increasing business activity, a survey showed on Wednesday."

 June 19, 2014: "U.S. says basic outline in place for international services trade deal" Reuters

"The outline of an international trade deal opening up services markets is in place, U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman said on Wednesday, ahead of the next round of negotiations next week..."


The TiSA Business Coalition, or “Team TiSA”, is dedicated to promoting and advocating for an ambitious agreement which eliminates barriers to global services trade, to the benefit of services providers, manufacturers and farmers, and consumers globally.

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